Whirlpool aromatic baths - Jacuzzi & Relax

Whirlpool baths based on sea salt and herbal essential oils provide the balance of the body and soul; stimulating organ functions and the extraction of harmful substances and excess water from the organism. Choose the aroma of your bath from those listed below. Out therapists will be happy to help you choose and give expert advice:

  • Vanilla & Macadamia: rich treatment with macadamia oil and vanilla
  • Love bath: relaxing treatment with vanilla and fruit essences
  • Oriental dream bath: with oriental essences of prunes and cinnamon
  • Wine bath: with a strong antioxidant effect, it relaxes and fills your body with new energy
  • Bath in coconut milk with royal jelly extract: bio-stimulates, strengthens the immune system, regenerating the skin and bringing back your feeling of wellbeing
  • Bath based on lemon, orange or tangerine: effects the good mood and awakens the spirit, treats the dry skin
  • Green Tea bath: relaxes and revitalizes

Aromatic whirlpool bath (Jacuzzi) for couples, 20 min

With champagne tasting



46 €

Aromatic whirlpool bath (Jacuzzi) for one person, 20 min

With champagne tasting


28 €

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